What we do


Asia plays host to a bounty of opportunity. With one of the fastest paced markets in the world, it’s big risk for big reward. At Embasea we pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge of processing, regulations and experience, to help businesses minimise their risk and maximise the reward.

The marine and leisure industry is the next big thing in developing Asian markets, providing outstanding opportunities for those who can react promptly. Embasea is the bridge between you and those thriving markets.


With all more than 15+ years of experience in Asia, we accompany you, enhance your brand image and define the best strategy and the best way to achieve your targets. With various field covered, from import policies, logistics, SWOT analysis or sales and marketing strategies, Embasea unlock possibilities and pave the road for your next move in Asia.

In China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia or Philippines, we can study with you the option given by these opening markets  for your brand and product. Embasea has a deep understandings of these country’s culture, difference and business customs. We can save you valuable time and target the right market at the right time.

Distribution & brand ambassador

Asia being a massive area you may not have the time nor the resources to actively and efficiently prospect it  , Embasea can also be your relay on the ground dedicated to find you the best partners, the best distributors or brand ambassadors and coordinate this new Dynamic network of yours. A real bridge between your factory or your team overseas and the sales in Asia, Embasea guarantees the best communication and conduct regular management reporting according to your needs. Budget, forecast, , everything can be tailor made for you.

Marine technology

Embasea is launching this year our own think tank regarding technology and digital improvement for the marine industry on global basis. We invite you, shipyard, marine surveyors, brokers, dealers or yacht shipping specialists to join as we create new alternative to communicate with each other, improve the supply chain and ultimately make communication and workflows easier.

Data as never been so important to collect in an efficient and safe way and with the advent of IoT and other new technology we can achieve that rapidly. There is no reason the Marine and boat industry stays behind. Embasea will soon release breakthrough service that will facilitate the work of thousands of companies within our industry.


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